Personal Brand 

In 2015, I started writing on Linkedin just to express my thoughts around content strategy and entrepreneurship. Five years later, I am still continuing to create content alongside some of my favorite influencers and brands. 

Key Stats

Averaged a new follower every 3 minutes on my personal Linkedin page in 2018. 

415,000+ followers on my personal Linkedin page as of March 2020.

3 Linkedin Top Voice Awards in 2015, 2016, and 2018. 

35,000 impressions on an average Linkedin post.

May 2019

POST: 1 year after graduation

623,000+ impressions

8,000+ engagements


January 2019

Post: 2019 Linkedin profile revamp

221,000+ impressions

1,300+ engagements

June 2018

POST: public speaking

100,000+ impressions

700+ engagements

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January 2017

ARTICLE: My struggle with the "american ego"

900+ engagements

Brand Collaborations

To date, I've done 10+ brand collaborations across events and content with companies like Bumble, World Z conference, Headspace, and more. If you are a brand interested in collaborating, please connect with me here

Collaboration Example: #BumblePartner - March 2019

Campaign Goal

- Increase awareness around Bumble's professional networking feature 

Target Audience

- Young female professionals looking to find a larger network and possible mentors 

Turnaround Time

- 2 weeks from initial conversation to content execution